Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Have you finished your SEO audit and found yourself overwhelmed with hundreds of technical issues like broken pages, missing meta tags, and slow speed? Now what? If you know what the problems are, but you cannot solve them yourself, our team of experts is at your service. Together with you, we will discuss the results of your SEO audit and prepare an action plan on how to solve them.

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What does our technical optimisation include?

Our search engine optimization services aim to solve your site’s SEO problems related to both purely technical aspects such as website structure and crawling, as well as typical on-page issues such as missing meta descriptions and titles.

  • Improving site speed
  • We solve problems with site crawling and indexing
  • Creating a search engine-friendly URL structure;
  • Remove broken links and 404 pages from your website;
  • Resolve issues with duplicate pages and content;
  • Registration in Google Search Console.
  • Adding structured data;
  • Include a robots.txt file to tell search engines what to crawl (and what not to crawl);
  • Setting up the XML sitemap of your site to improve indexing;
  • Image optimization;
  • Solving problems with HTTP/HTTPS protocols;

Why is technical SEO important?

Technical SEO optimization is vital for your website because it ensures that it is easy to navigate and it’s comprehendible for the search engines it also ensures that it does not have any technical problems that prevent it from being indexed and subsequently ranked by them.

This is the reason why we may consider technical search engine optimization as the backbone on which we build all our further SEO efforts. Some of the advantages that a well-implemented SEO will bring to your business are increasing your traffic and get more conversions which increases your brand awareness.

Advantages of SEO

Increase your

Improving the ranking of your site in search engines will undoubtedly bring you more organic traffic, allowing potential customers to easily find you through relevant keywords.

Get more

With more traffic and a better ranking of your site in relevant searches, the opportunity to attract users to your website who are searching for similar services will increase.

Increase brand

Your SEO efforts will help more people come across your services when searching online. Thus, they would start to better recognize your brand as a reliable provider of those services.

From the beginning of the project, Wisbix drew a clear action plan on how to improve our website to make it more search engine friendly. We can leave all our technical concerns in their safe hands.

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Clear and transparent work process

We have a well-structured and transparent workflow to ensure that you can easily track the progress of tasks on your site.

1. Audit & Offer

Based on your audit, we will estimate how long it would take us to resolve the problems described in it, and based on that we will prepare a personalized offer for you;

2. Action Plan

We delegate within our team the tasks and areas for improvement, together with their expected completion timeline. We use a convenient format for our action plan such as JIRA or Spreadsheet, and give you access to it;

3. Implement

Our team starts working on the tasks described in the plan, and according to their completion, they pass through 3 stages – “Not started”, “In Progress” or “Completed”;

4. Revision

When the tasks are completed, we prepare a new free, technical audit to compare the state of your website to before and after our interference and to identify newly emerging problems if there are any.

Start your SEO journey now

Our goal is to provide you with the best service and solution that meets your needs. Very soon, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss details, clarify any questions and specify additional requirements.